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Just who is Sugar Roads, anyway?

Romantic Interludes in Exotic Places
Romantic Interludes in Exotic Places

I was born a rolling stone.  My dad was in the Air Force and well, you know, that means moving–a lot!  Okay.  Hang on.  My life in a flash:  Born in Albany, Georgia (home of Ray Charles and me).  Next I stopped off at Sumter South Carolina for a stint in the first and second grades.  Magic carpet’s next stop–Berlin, Germany where I learned to speak a little German, “Wo ist die Toilette, bitte,” (every kid needs to know how to get to the bathroom); then off to Tokyo for four years etc.  I think you get the picture.

Sugar Roads is just another word for a kid on the move, loving new experiences, seeing the world, making friends.  I hope you will join me on some of these ramblings.  One of my book series is called Teatime:  Romantic Interludes in Exotic Places.  This is where you can join me as I skitter here and there looking for love and exotic destinations.   And if Rome or Venice or Chicago isn’t enough, then follow me to other fantasy worlds I created in my trilogy The Stallion’s Rag.  We’ll depart New York City and follow the trail of Mela, a healer who lives in a hut beneath some cliffs in another world.

Well there you have it for now.  Make sure you follow me on the social media links and tell me what you think of our ramblings.

Sugar Roads

Your travel guide to romance and adventure



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